Cowrie Shells


In West Africa, Cowrie Shells carry significant symbolism, representing wealth and prosperity. Historically used as currency, they hold a vital role in African spirituality, embodying the water spirits that bestow and safeguard wealth. Additionally, Cowrie Shells symbolise abundance and fertility.

Instructions: Besides their spiritual significance, Cowrie Shells serve as divination tools. Use 5 Cowrie Shells to answer yes or no questions. Interpretation varies; for example, three shells facing up may indicate yes or no, or two shells facing up could convey the same. Establishing a personal connection with your tools and setting communication rules based on your intuition and practice is essential.


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Pack of 10 uncut Cowrie Shells

In West Africa, Cowry Shells symbolise wealth and prosperity, having served as actual currency in the past. These shells hold significant importance in African spirituality, representing the water spirits integral to the African spiritual realm, acknowledged as the bestowers and guardians of wealth and affluence. Furthermore, Cowrie Shells embody concepts of abundance and fertility within this spiritual context. Beyond their symbolic value, Cowrie Shells also function as divination tools. Utilising five Cowrie Shells, one can seek answers to yes or no questions, interpreting the outcome based on the arrangement of shells, such as three facing up indicating yes or no or two facing up carrying a similar significance. Establishing a personal connection with these tools allows individuals to define their own rules for communication in divination practices.

Divination tools encompass objects or methodologies employed to obtain insights, guidance, or information regarding the future or the unknown. Widely utilised in spiritual or mystical practices, these tools boast a rich history spanning centuries across diverse cultures globally. Among the more prevalent divination tools are:

Oracle & Tarot Cards: Decks of cards adorned with symbols and images interpreted to offer guidance and insights into an individual's life or future.

Runes: Sets of stones or tiles, each bearing a symbol from an ancient alphabet, utilised for divination and fortune-telling.

Pendulums: Weights suspended from a string or chain, harnessed to answer yes or no questions or unveil concealed information.

Considerations for Non-African Descendants Engaging with Voodoo Practices

Engaging in voodoo without a deep understanding can be disrespectful. Voodoo (or Voodun) is Rooted in African and Haitian cultures and deserves reverence. If not of African descent, approach with sensitivity, avoiding appropriation. Please educate yourself on its origins and seek guidance to prevent perpetuating stereotypes. Cultural appreciation requires understanding, respect, and humility.

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