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Unframed fine art print of “The Cloak of Life” by New Orleans-based artist Spencer Epps. This is a high-quality reprint of a gouache illustration featuring an enigmatic skeleton wearing a vividly powerful cloak of colours. In Epp’s words, this print is about how we strive for more in life for more, and even when it pulls you down, new growth bursts forth.

Print size: 11 x 14 inches.


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New Orleans, a city steeped in rich cultural diversity and a vibrant artistic heritage, has been a melting pot for creativity that draws inspiration from its unique history and eclectic traditions. The city's artists, deeply influenced by its multicultural tapestry, have often found inspiration in the vivid and mysterious, often incorporating depictions of skeletons adorned in vibrant colours and cloaks.

The artistic roots of New Orleans can be traced back to its French, African, Spanish, and Creole influences, creating a cultural gumbo that manifests in various art forms. The city's history, marked by a mix of celebrations, folklore, and rituals, has provided artists with a wealth of inspiration. The prevalence of jazz, Mardi Gras, and voodoo traditions has infused the local art scene with a sense of mystique and celebration.

The depiction of skeletons in vibrant colours and cloaks has a symbolic resonance deeply rooted in New Orleans' cultural milieu. This imagery often draws from the city's connection to the Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition that honours departed souls. In New Orleans, this theme has evolved to reflect a celebration of life and death, with skeletons becoming vibrant symbols of the eternal cycle and the interconnectedness of the living and the deceased.

Artists in New Orleans often use bold and lively hues, reflecting the city's lively atmosphere and festive spirit. The incorporation of cloaks adds an element of mystery and theatricality, perhaps inspired by the elaborate costumes seen during Mardi Gras celebrations.

The colours you see on your screen may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings. Lighting in the room you use the item may also affect appearance. Art arrives unframed and shipped flat in a rigid photo mailer.

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