Child of the Universe Rose Quartz Oracle Deck and Book Set – 60-Cards


Indulge in celestial guidance with the Child of the Universe Rose Quartz Oracle Deck and Book Set. This New Rose Quartz Edition captivates with Dusty Pink-hued, soft-touch finish cards, complemented by a dreamy matte palette. Luxe thick card stock and a Vegan Suede drawstring pouch offer tactile opulence. The 480-page guidebook, presented in Dusty Pink, delves deep into Astrology’s magical realms. A Rose Quartz Tower Crystal enhances the set’s energy, while the organic cotton Tarot Cloth and eco-cotton drawstring pouch add a mindful touch. Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners, this oracle deck transcends divination, inviting you into a celestial journey.

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Indulge in the ethereal allure of the Child of the Universe Rose Quartz Oracle Deck and Book Set, a 60-card edition that elevates divination to a realm of dreamy sophistication. The New Rose Quartz Edition presents cards bathed in Dusty Pink hues with a soft-touch finish, creating a gentle and atmospheric matte colour palette. The deck’s luxurious design extends to the thick card stock, providing a tactile experience that complements its celestial energy.

This enchanting set goes beyond mere cards; it’s a complete experience. The Vegan Suede drawstring pouch offers a touch of opulence for secure card storage, while the 480-page guidebook, presented in Dusty Pink, is a profound exploration of Astrology’s technical and magical facets.

Adding a touch of elegance, a Rose Quartz Tower Crystal completes the set, infusing it with the loving energy of this precious stone. The delicate organic cotton Tarot Cloth and the eco-cotton drawstring pouch further enhance the presentation, offering both protection and a mindful touch to your divination journey.

The Child of the Universe Rose Quartz Oracle Deck continues to bridge the Heavens and Earth, drawing upon celestial and astrological energies to provide channelled guidance from the Universal Source. Whether you’re a starry-eyed beginner or an advanced practitioner, this oracle deck beckons you into a realm where the mysteries of the cosmos come alive.

Immerse yourself in the 480-page guidebook—a comprehensive ‘book’ in its own right—guiding you through the technical and magical realms of Astrology. With its expansive knowledge and dreamy aesthetic, this set is a celestial treasure, inviting you to deepen your understanding and explore the cosmos.

Elevate your divination practice with the Child of the Universe Rose Quartz Oracle Deck and Book Set, where each element is thoughtfully curated to create an enchanting experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional oracle decks.

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