Calamus Root


Calamus Root is believed to be associated with luck, money, healing, and protection. It is placed in the corners of the kitchen to prevent hunger and poverty. It is also used to strengthen and bind spells.

Use with caution; it can be poisonous.


Calamus Root: Abundance, Protection, and Empowerment

Calamus Root, also known as Sweet Flag, is a versatile herb revered for its magickal properties.

It’s associated with:

  • Abundance: Attract prosperity and ward off hunger and poverty.
  • Protection: Shield yourself and your loved ones from negativity.
  • Healing: Promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • Divination: Enhance psychic abilities and amplify your intuition.

Place it in your kitchen to attract good fortune and prevent lack.
Craft potent Mojo bags, Witch balls, and sachets with powdered Calamus root for grounding and spell work.
Activate your chakras for increased confidence, manifestation, and overall well-being.
Calamus Root is a powerful tool for self-empowerment but should be used responsibly. It can be poisonous if ingested.

Calamus Root Witch Ball: Abundance and Protection
A Witch Ball is a protective charm traditionally hung in the home to ward off negativity and attract positive energies.


  • Clear glass ball (any size you like)
  • Calamus root (powdered or whole)
  • Dried herbs (optional): Rosemary (purification), Basil (abundance), Mint (protection)
  • Sea salt (purification)
  • White ribbon or twine
    Optional: Small objects representing your desires (coins for wealth, cinnamon stick for success)


  • Wash the glass ball thoroughly with soap and water. Let it dry completely. You can also cleanse it energetically by smudging it with sage smoke or holding it under running water while visualising negativity washing away.
  • If using whole calamus root, choose a small piece that will fit comfortably in the ball. If using powdered Calamus, measure out a teaspoon and use a Mortar and Pestle to grind down the root. Combine the Calamus with any optional dried herbs you wish to include.
  • Hold the sea salt in your hands and visualise it absorbing positive energy for abundance and protection. Place the root (and any other chosen herbs) and sea salt into the glass ball. Add any small charm objects you wish to include.
  • Carefully tie the white ribbon or twine around the opening of the glass ball, creating a loop for hanging.
  • Hold the witch ball and visualise it filling with white light. You can personalise this visualisation with your intentions for abundance and protection.
  • Hang the witch ball in a prominent location in your home, ideally near a window where it can catch the sunlight.

You can decorate the outside of the witch ball with paint and markers or by weaving additional herbs and ribbons around the loop.
Replace the witch ball every six months to a year or whenever you feel its energy has diminished.

Important Note: Calamus root can have psychoactive effects and should not be ingested.

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