Buddha Blue by Michael Graham – Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting


Wax Spiritual is proud to be working with Colchester artist Michael Graham. This is a unique opportunity to purchase one of Michael’s original acrylic paintings, Buddha Blue. In Michael’s words, this piece represents the power of mindful practice. The blue tones lock in the Buddha’s state of serenity, undisturbed by external forces.

Buddha Blue by Michael Graham – Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting is currently on view at the Wax Spiritual Shop, 37 Crouch Street, Colchester, CO3 3EN.

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Buddha Blue by Michael Graham. Acrylic on canvas, signed by the artist. 40x50cm.

Meet Michael Graham, the artistic force based in Colchester City. With a canvas as diverse as his spirit, Michael’s creations dance between black portraiture, mindfulness, and spirituality – all of which reflect his journey of self-discovery.

He explores the power of faces with vibrant acrylic paints, crafting portraits that resonate with strength and depth alongside soul-stirring depictions of spirituality. In each piece, he captivates and celebrates the essence of his subjects. Michael invites you to explore his world where art meets introspection, which defines his unique approach and style.

Dive into the canvas with Michael Graham – where every stroke tells a story and every colour whispers a thought.

View the complete Wax Spiritual artwork collection here, or pop into the shop to view in person.

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