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Elevate your fire rituals with our Brass Ritual Tongs – a compact and essential tool designed for handling charcoal discs, incense, and resins with precision and safety. Measuring just 4.25″ in length, these brass tongs are perfect for on-the-go rituals or as a dedicated accessory for the sacred space of an altar at home.

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Crafted from durable brass, these ritual tongs offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The sleek design and compact size make them a versatile companion for spiritual seekers, allowing them to handle burning elements with ease and precision.

Each pair of tongs is adorned with a profound engraving that reads “Dust to Dust” and “Ashes to Ashes,” invoking a sense of the eternal cycle and the transformative power of fire. These engraved phrases not only add a touch of symbolism but also serve as a reminder of the elemental forces at play in the sacred act of fire magic.

Ideal for use during ceremonies, meditations, or any spiritual practice involving fire, these Brass Tongs are an indispensable addition to any practitioner’s toolkit. Embrace the precision, safety, and symbolism they offer as you navigate the transformative energies of your spiritual journey.

Discover the synergy of form and function with our Brass Ritual Tongs at Wax Spiritual – where every detail is crafted to enhance your spiritual experience. Explore the transformative power of fire magic with this essential tool, and let the eternal cycle unfold in the palm of your hand.

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