The Virgin of Guadalupe or “Black Madonna” Artwork


The Virgin of Guadalupe, or “Black Madonna”, is an iconic figure in Mexican and Catholic culture, and has been a subject of profound artistic expression throughout history. In the 18th century, artists produced a multitude of artworks capturing the essence of the Virgin of Guadalupe, depicting her miraculous apparition to Juan Diego in 1531.

This print is A3 paper size, printed on archival heavyweight matte paper, on wide format Canon professional series fine art pigment-based printers.

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The Black Madonna is steeped in the rich religious and cultural traditions of Mexico. This representation features a radiant and ethereal Virgin, surrounded by a celestial aura. The unknown 18th-century artist incorporates vibrant colours, intricate details, and a harmonious composition to evoke a sense of divine beauty and grace.

The artwork emphasises The Black Madonna’s role as a symbol of hope, protection, and intercession. The image of the Virgin is accompanied by angelic beings that surround her, highlighting her celestial nature.

Artists of this period infused their works with a deep sense of religious fervor, aiming to convey the spiritual significance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the faithful. These artworks served not only as religious icons but also as powerful tools for disseminating and reinforcing the cultural identity of the Mexican people.

In addition to paintings, sculptures, and prints, the 18th century saw the emergence of ex-votos dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. These small votive offerings depicted scenes of personal miracles or thanks for divine intervention, creating a tangible connection between the believers and the revered Virgin.

The 18th-century artworks of the Virgin of Guadalupe stand as testaments to the enduring influence of this iconic figure in Mexican art and culture. Through these visual representations, artists conveyed the profound spiritual significance and cultural resonance of the Virgin, making her a central and beloved figure in the hearts of the Mexican people.

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