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Satya’s Aura Cleansing incense sticks follow a traditional method of creation, harnessing the grounding essence of sandalwood and weaving it together with a harmonious blend of natural resins and oils. This fusion results in an alluring, musky, sweet floral fragrance, perfect for purifying and cleansing auras while setting the stage for a meditative space that radiates calm and tranquillity.

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Explore the transformative practice of aura cleansing with Satya's Aura Cleansing incense sticks, and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

Our incense sticks follow a revered tradition, infusing the grounding essence of sandalwood with a harmonious blend of natural resins and oils. This alchemical fusion produces enchanting, musky, and sweet floral fragrances.

However, as you embark on this spiritual journey, it's crucial to exercise safety precautions. Never allow naked flames to come into contact with resin-based holders, ensuring a fire-safe environment during your practice.

Aura cleansing is a versatile ritual you can perform whenever you need to reset and rejuvenate your spiritual energies. Engaging with these incense sticks will create a meditative space filled with calm and tranquillity, promoting inner balance and clarity. Let the soothing aroma guide you toward inner peace and harmony while maintaining a safe and sacred atmosphere.



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Incense sticks
Burn time approx 45 minutes per stick
Packaging is 100% recyclable
Individually hand-rolled sticks
15gm x 12 box

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