Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards: A 56-Card Deck and Guidebook


Introducing the Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards, a captivating 56-card deck and guidebook by Sonia Choquette. Enhance your intuitive abilities and connect with divine assistance in your daily life with this enchanting oracle deck.

This deck is a personal conduit to your spiritual support team, including your higher self, angels, spirit guides, and helpers from the “other side”.

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The “Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards” and its companion guidebook offer in-depth interpretations for each card. They provide key concepts and energies to deepen your understanding and maximise the insights gained from this oracle deck. To use the “Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards,” simply draw a card and incorporate the wisdom of your guides into your daily experiences and decision-making. You can seek specific guidance by selecting a card that resonates with your current situation.
Your guides support you in achieving the best outcomes in every aspect of life. Allow them to assist you in navigating challenges and embracing opportunities.

Initially published in 2005, this beloved oracle deck has been updated with a fresh, modern design, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking divine insight and spiritual connection through the “Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards.”

Sonia Choquette is a renowned worldwide author, spiritual teacher, and intuitive guide dedicated to empowering people to honour their spirit, trust their intuition, and embrace an extraordinary Spirit-guided life. As a fourth-generation intuitive, Sonia began public work with spirit at age 15. She has spent over 45 years travelling the globe, inspiring others to lead authentic, intuitive lives. She is the prolific author of 27 internationally best-selling books and numerous audio programs focusing on intuitive awakening, personal growth, and spiritual transformation, including the acclaimed New York Times bestseller, “The Answer Is Simple.”

Sonia’s impactful work has been published in over 40 countries and translated into 37 languages, establishing her as a highly regarded expert in her field.

She’s an enthusiastic traveller, passionate dancer, captivating storyteller, and natural humorist who embraces a life of continuous learning, growth, and vibrant living. She holds a deep affection for Paris, which she proudly calls home.

Sonia believes in the power of connecting with one’s spirit to unlock inner wisdom and potential, leading individuals to express and embody their true selves authentically. She advocates for personal autonomy, integrity, and the transformative shift from living through the ego to aligning with the spirit. Sonia emphasises the inherent goodness of humanity and the potential for personal growth and empowerment through spiritual connection. She inspires individuals to view life’s challenges as opportunities for learning and transformation, encouraging everyone to tap into their divine essence and co-create a beautiful life in harmony with the Universe.

She is passionate about healing and believes in the transformative power of love, support, and spiritual direction to uplift lives and contribute to positive change on a global scale.

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