Used for protection, healing, and spiritual development.
Wicca: protection (esp. psychic attacks), healing (physical, emotional, spiritual), divination.
Folk magic: protection against evil spirits, curses, misfortune, healing various ailments, attracting love (less frequent).
Hoodoo: spiritual baths for cleansing, protection Mojo Bags, success spells (less frequent).


Angelica Root is a versatile herb employed in various magickal practices for its protective, healing, and spiritual properties.


Protection: Associated with the element of air and the planet Mercury. Wiccans use it for protection, particularly against psychic attacks and negativity. It’s incorporated into spells for safeguarding homes and individuals.

Healing: Angelica’s association with healing makes it a valuable tool in Wiccan practices. It’s used in rituals for physical healing, especially coughs, colds, and wounds. It can also symbolise emotional and spiritual healing.

Folk Magic:

Protection: Similar to Wicca, folk magic traditions use Angelica for protection against evil spirits, curses, and misfortune. It’s carried as an amulet or incorporated into protective charms.


Spiritual Baths: Hoodoo practices often use angelica root in spiritual baths for cleansing and purification. These baths are believed to remove negative energies and prepare individuals for magickal workings.

Protection: The root is incorporated into Mojo Bags (gris-gris) for protection against negative influences and misfortune. It’s also sometimes used to ward off evil spirits.

Empowerment Spell using Angelica 

Intention: Increase your inner strength, confidence, and motivation to achieve your goals.

Yellow candle (representing confidence and success)
Citrine crystal (known for attracting abundance and prosperity)
Mortar and pestle (optional, to grind the root)
Small pouch or Jar


  • Cleanse your ritual space with your preferred method (Sage, Florida Water, incense, etc.).
  • Light the yellow candle and place the Citrine crystal nearby.
  • Hold the angelica root and focus on your desired outcome. Visualise yourself feeling strong, confident, and capable of achieving your goals.
  • Grind the root into a powder using the mortar and pestle.
  • Chant an affirmation (you can write your own or use one that resonates with you).
  • While chanting, add the root powder to the pouch or jar.
  • Hold the pouch or jar close, visualising strength and empowerment.
  • Extinguish the candle with a snuffer (don’t blow it out) and express gratitude for the empowerment.
  • Carry the pouch or jar with you as a reminder of your inner strength and determination.

You can substitute the yellow candle with an orange candle, another colour associated with success and motivation.
If you don’t have Citrine, you can use another crystal associated with empowerment, like Carnelian or Tiger’s Eye.
This is just a simple spell; feel free to personalise it with additional herbs, roots, powders, or oils. The most important aspect is your intention and focus during the ritual.

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