Amansa Guapo


Amansa Guapo, also known as “Tame the Handsome One,” is a botanical ingredient with significant metaphysical uses in various spiritual and magical practices. This herb is commonly associated with Afro-Caribbean traditions like Santeria and Hoodoo, where it is revered for its calming and soothing properties, particularly concerning love, relationships, and emotional stability.

A versatile herb renowned for its ability to soothe, pacify, and harmonise romantic relationships. Its metaphysical uses extend beyond love magic, encompassing themes of emotional healing, reconciliation, and spiritual connection within Afro-Caribbean spiritual traditions. Through intentional spellwork and ritual practice, Amansa Guapo invites a sense of tranquillity and affection into the lives of those who seek its benevolent influence.

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Amansa Guapo is used to exert influence over romantic partners or suitors, promoting fidelity, commitment, and tranquillity in relationships. It is used to calm turbulent emotions, prevent arguments, and foster harmonious interactions between lovers. It is also believed to soften the hearts of individuals, encouraging reconciliation and forgiveness in troubled relationships.

Religious references to Amansa Guapo often emphasise its association with specific deities or spirits. In Santeria, this herb may be used in rituals dedicated to Oshun, the Orisha of love and fertility, to invoke her blessings and favour in matters of the heart. Amansa Guapo is considered a sacred offering to these divine entities, symbolising the desire for peaceful resolutions and loving connections.

Practitioners may create love charms, mojo bags, or spiritual baths infused with the herb. It can be combined with other botanicals, such as roses or jasmine, to enhance its romantic and calming properties. The herb may also be used in candle rituals, where its energy is focused on cultivating serenity, devotion, and emotional well-being within intimate relationships.

Ritual for invoking Oshun’s blessings in matters of love and fertility

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Amansa Guapo
  • A yellow or gold candle (representing Oshun)
  • Love-related essential oils (such as rose or jasmine)
  • Optional: Tempress Spell Oil
  • Optional: Honey or sweet syrup


  1. Find a quiet and private area to conduct your ritual.
  2. Light the yellow or gold candle as a representation of Oshun’s presence.
  3. Begin by anointing the candle with the love-related essential or spell oil. Focus on infusing the candle with the energy of love and fertility.
  4. Next, sprinkle or roll the Amansa Guapo herb onto the candle. As you do this, visualise your intentions of attracting love and harmonious relationships.
  5. Hold the dressed candle in your hands and speak your intentions aloud. Ask Oshun for her blessings in matters of the heart and relationships.
  6. Express gratitude to Oshun for her guidance and support.
  7. If desired, drizzle a small amount of honey or sweet syrup around the base of the candle as an offering to Oshun.
  8. Light the dressed candle, focusing on the flame as a symbol of your intentions being sent into the universe.
  9. Meditate or pray while the candle burns, visualising the love and fertility energies manifesting in your life.
  10. Allow the candle to burn down completely if it is safe to do so. Otherwise, extinguish it with gratitude and relight it when you can continue. Never blow out your candle offerings, as this can be seen as disrespectful. Instead, safely snuff out the flame.
  11. Dispose of any remaining herbs or candle remnants respectfully.

Repeat this ritual regularly, especially when you seek Oshun’s blessings and guidance in love and relationships.
Keep the intention of love and fertility in your heart as you go about your daily life, remaining open to receiving Oshun’s blessings.
This candle-dressing ritual harnesses the energies of Oshun to attract love, harmony, and fertility into your life. Remember to perform this ritual with sincerity, respect, and positive intentions towards yourself and others involved.

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