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“Mano Poderosa,” also known as “The All-Powerful Hand,” is a captivating 19th-century artwork rooted in Latin American folk traditions, particularly within the realm of religious syncretism. Originating in countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, this powerful iconography embodies a fusion of indigenous beliefs, Catholicism, and African spiritual elements.

This print is A3 paper size, printed on archival heavyweight matte paper, on wide format Canon professional series fine art pigment-based printers.

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The central motif of the Mano Poderosa or All-Powerful Hand artwork is a hand adorned with intricate symbols and iconography, representing a potent mix of cultural and religious influences. The hand features various depictions of saints, angels, and other divine figures, creating a visual tapestry that transcends cultural boundaries. The diverse religious symbols reflect the rich tapestry of beliefs prevalent in the regions of Mexico where the Mano Poderosa emerged.

The symbolism embedded in the Mano Poderosa is multifaceted. The five fingers of the hand represent the Five Wounds of Christ, while the array of saints and angels signifies divine protection and intercession. This artwork serves not only as a religious object but also as a potent symbol of spiritual power, healing, and guidance.

The All-Powerful Hand is also known as Las Cinco Personas (The Five Persons) as it depicts five distinct individuals, each bearing unique characteristics and symbols associated with different aspects of spirituality. The figures represent a harmonious blending of indigenous, Catholic, and African influences, showcasing the syncretic nature of religious practices in the region.

The painting exemplifies the dynamic interplay of cultural and religious elements that define Latin American folk art. This artwork not only serves as aesthetically compelling expressions but also as windows into the complex and diverse spiritual landscape of the 19th-century communities that created them.

The original artwork is oil on metal, and currently resides in the Brooklyn Museum. It was painted in the 19th Century, but the artist is unknown.

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