Wax Spiritual - Private Hire in Colchester

Wax Spiritual is delighted to offer the store as a private room hire in Colchester. This exceptional space can be tailored for private events, including informational talks, workshops, spiritual or holistic practices, and 1:1 therapeutic sessions.

Situated in a prime location in Colchester, the store is conveniently close to multi-story parking with on-street parking after 6pm. The Wax Spiritual store is more than just a space; its meticulously designed decor sets the stage for a unique and magical ambience, and its modest size ensures an atmosphere of warmth and personal connection, making it an ideal backdrop for spiritual interactions.

Security is a top priority, with CCTV surveillance ensuring the safety of every event. The venue also features well-appointed bathroom facilities for added convenience.

Flexible booking: Hourly and discounted half-day & full-day options.

Bookings Include

  • Display space for your own A5 event flyers within the store.
  • A dedicated SEO-rich web page within the events section on the Wax Spiritual website.
  • Ticket sales management through the Wax Spiritual website and in-store.*
  • Provision of up to 12 chairs.
  • Tables suitable for seating 4-8 individuals.
  • Rug and cushions, seating up to 7 individuals.
  • Complimentary fruit waters and herbal teas.

Sunday & Mondays:
Hourly: £25.00
Half-Day (4 hours): £90.00
All-Day (8 hours): £180.00

Tuesday to Saturday Evenings (5pm to 10pm):
Hourly: £25.00

Full-Day Exclusive Hire:
Tuesday to Friday: £400.00
Saturday: £600.00

*Note: Prices include any additional ticket sale fees for transactions made through Wax Spiritual.

Additional Marketing Options

  • A5 printed flyer graphic design services: £50 to £100 per design.
  • 1080 x 1080 Digital flyer graphic design services: £30 to £70 per design.
  • Event listing on Wax Spiritual’s Facebook page: £10.
  • Event listing on InColchester: £5.
  • 1080 x 1920px video content creation and a 1080×1920 cover image shared on Wax Spiritual’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Publishing includes setting the post as a “collaboration” with the event planner to expand the audience reach, allowing the collaborator to engage with both audiences and boost the post: £100 per video.
  • Wax Spiritual goodie bags: £5 to £30 each.

Immersive Experiences

Partner with Sareta, the owner of Wax Spiritual, to curate a truly distinctive and immersive experience. We embrace collaborative ventures, including tailored historical tours, engaging walks, and bespoke events such as hen parties or corporate gatherings.

Our team of practitioners, which includes tarot readers, a reiki master, and a psychic medium, offers hire services and can seamlessly integrate into your event. Additionally, Sareta herself provides customisable products & services and is available for hire.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding space rental for photoshoots, television productions, or filming purposes. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance and information to meet your needs.


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